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About DrTandem
DrTandemDan Prinzing is the heart and soul of DrTandem®. His background includes Radio-TV-Film major at Cal State Univ., Northridge, Computer Science major at Cal State Univ., Fullerton. You may have heard his voice-over work on the radio or TV. He holds a commercial F.C.C. First Class RadioTelephone License (now called a General Radio License) with Radar Endorsement. He was an engineer and a production engineer in L.A. radio and a telecommunications professional for over 35 years with experience in Voice Band Data and digital transport including DSL/Broadband. Besides knowing how to make a web site, he knows how it all works.

Professional does not have to mean expensive. You can find most of what you need and where to get it right here on this site. You will be able to make knowledgeable decisions about your website without wasting valuable time and money. Getting started is easy.

Known for getting sites highly ranked in Google for generic search terms by using common-sense design techniques, Dan is no longer actively seeking clients. Through attrition, his portfolio is shrinking as existing web site owners who require more than nominal attention are encouraged to find other resources. At the same time, Dan still cautions that there are plenty of unscrupulous people in the industry promising all sorts of wonderful things and only end up separating the client from their money. Therefore, this site is maintained as an informational resource.

Maintaining your existing website is also important.  Do you have broken links? Are pages out of date? Has contact information changed? How about your prices? Incorrect information and a website that doesn't work properly is a poor reflection on your business. Get your website running smoothly. How about a critique of your existing web site?

 Let's talk.