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SEF - Search Engine Friendly, July 2004

You have probably heard about SEO, which stands for "search engine optimization." You may have heard of SEM, "search engine marketing." However, have you heard of SEF? Probably not, because I think I have just coined the acronym. It means "search engine friendly." Not that no one has used that phrase before now. I just don't think anyone has used the term as an acronym because it doesn't sound chic enough. I think it's going to catch on in a big way and I'll tell you why.

SEO is something done to your website or web page that is meant to increase its ranking in the search results for specific keywords or terms. How is this accomplished? This is where the controversy enters the picture.

Before SEO firms came on the scene, search engines were fairly simple. They would sample your page and determine its theme from a count of the meta keywords and meta description in the head portion of your HTML document. It became apparent to some webmasters that they could cram lots of keywords, relevant or not, onto a page and get the site listed higher in the search results. As the engines evolved, they would also sample the content of the page and how it related to the meta tags. Continued>>>